Sweet Free Stuff Review: Only the Sweetest Freebies

We have another site in the range of free stuff named Sweet Frees Stuff which helps in providing the readers with free items since 2002. It is also a dedicated platform and is passionate to become the number one site providing everything for free.

This site updates itself every day and offers a fresh batch of freebies coupons and deals for the user who decides to bookmark and share this wonderful sight with their friends.

How to use the site?

Let us now understand how you can get free stuff from this site. You know that there are many companies that are promoting their products with free samples and goodies. it is a great way to promote the business as you have the opportunity to try all kinds of products for free before you buy them. At this site, you find the most reasonable offers in the form of free stuff. It also takes the responsibility not to post anything fake or spam. You will be sure to get totally free stuff here. For the members of this site, it is recommended to have a separate email account when you sign up for free offers.

In this way, you can keep and organize your personal email account for getting personal emails. These emails are the best as you only sign up for free samples that you really want to get. This process will help the freebie hunters to get access to the companies sending these deals. In this way, if you really like these deals, you can receive them and say thanks. This will also keep new freebie deals coming to you.

Wait patiently for items delivery

You should show patience when you are waiting for the free sample to come to you. Some freebie items will reach you in less than 2 weeks but it is also possible that it can take up to 12 or more weeks to ship to you. So you should not be disappointed when you do not get your free stuff earlier in your mail. You should give it a specific time. After receiving your free samples of the products if you like to gain the exposure you can contact the Sweet Free Stuff site to deal with partnership possibilities. Sweet Free Stuff is actually a great blog to promote products and services.

Freebie Tips

This site updates every day with 100% real free stuff. So you do not have to worry about getting any scam or fake offers as you find on other free sites. You can click the text link or picture of the freebie deal to get the free stuff, product samples, or coupon. Talking about old freest, we do not delete the old free stuff post immediately. They get very deep in the archives.  So if you go further in the archives, you can get expired offers. You can always find the quality free stuff and latest offers on the front page. In case you get an offer that is recently posted and it got expired, the Sweet Free Stuff site does not take responsibility to update or delete the post. If you click on any of the category links, it will direct you to a page with only the freebies that are present in that specific category. This site has the most recent additions on the top of the site usually on the main page. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest freebies sample, we recommend you to sign up for our for its daily email updates and follow this site on Twitter

Also, visit Sweet Free Stuff on and off to get new offers. You can also subscribe to the site’s feed.

It is also present on Social Media

You know that there are many companies that have started using Facebook in order to promote and gain more exposure. For this, you will have to make a Facebook account and like their page and allow their page to access your profile. If you use Facebook you can find this site’s page on Facebook and you can like their page but this site does not send most updates through Facebook. This site is a number one source for free items and you can get the most legitimate free offers on the site daily. You should be considerate and alert when you see a free stuff website that connects you to a lot of spam sites and the sites which are not actually giving away anything free.

Privacy of the users

The site Sweet Free Stuff considers the privacy of its users to be very important. It describes the privacy policy in detail where you can give your personal information. It says that it collects any kind of personal information for keeping records. But SweetFreeStuff.com uses cookies in order to store the information of its visitors, their interest, and preferences. It helps the site to send its users the offers they are most interested in.

Advertising Partners

Sweet Free Stuff.com has two advertising partners which might use cookies and web beacons. These include Google and Yahoo/Bing.