Sample Source Review: Request Your Free Samples

The Sample Source is a site that offers the lovers of freebies hundreds of brands across North America. It has great freebies as compared to traditional sampling vehicles like market shopping. This platform has proved that it generate new shoppers for brands.

We know that a good sampling vehicle is very difficult to be found. You often reach deals which are offering expensive, complicated procedure, time-consuming, etc. That’s why this site has found the solution if all these problems.

Steps to Get Your Free Offers

Sample deals with its programs in steps. In the first step, the consumer has to register themselves and provide an in-depth profile as the site has hundreds of thousands of members. The second step is to add market samples to the program and choose the targeting area. The third step is to log in as a member and choose from the list to qualify for request based procedure. Then next comes the step where the samples are sent directly to the home.

Lastly comes the fall of the purchase step where the site studies the tracking in order to observe insights and collect ratings and reviews.

Offers robust programs

The site Sample Source has a great sampling 2.0 system which is fully equipped with features that the marketers often look for to get the best results. The sites started with the aim to serve as a national database of shoppers providing detailed profiles that helps the marketers to target ages, general incomes, competitive users, healthy lifestyle seekers, gluten-free households, and many more. The site does not only sends samples to the members but it also allows those members who match to choose if they would like to try the free samples to make all the procedures a little bit smooth.

The site has its warehouse, packing, and shipping services and it also follows users’ analytics and purchases tracking analysis. The best thing about this site is that the users by sharing the posts across multiple brands, the marketers can save a huge amount of expenses as compared to their own trading programs.

Consumers are engaged to get the best conversion rates

We all know that the process of traditional sampling programs as postal code routes, street sampling, and install demos simply waste much of our time because they only target limited people. But the Sample members can get the free product sample if they qualify for it. It is all based on the filters that the members decide to put in place and the site has hundreds of filters. So by going through all this procedure they are able to get or choose the actual thing. This procedure also saves much of the time and offers a lower cost for acquired new users and achieve more shoppers for your product.

Sample source tracking and insight system

Tracking is always an important thing for every site and that is the big reason Sample has included this feature. The site has programs that have robust analytics and purchase tracking analysis and these are all designed by experts.  In the CPG world, this deep analysis and Insight results in RIO measurement to help other users who help the users of the site to make future decisions. All these findings are presented in person and for the users who love data. There is also a facility to login 24/7 through your own customized real-time dashboard.

Why brands love Sample

There are solid reasons why leading brands like to offer their products for free at Sample This site has attractive features for targeting more buyers. It has features like,

  • Easy to execute 
  • Proof of performance
  • Measurement and tracking
  • Cost-saving 
  • Authentic rating and reviews 

Brand partners of Sample

The top tier one and two brands across North America are the brand partners of Sample So the users can meet their household free items shopping goals in an easy way.

These brands include:

  • Unilever
  • P& G Pfizer
  • GSK 
  • Johnsons and Johnsons 
  • Quacker
  • Kellogg’s 
  • Clorox 
  • Garnier
  • Craft 
  • Sensodyne
  • Sunlight
  • 8 o’clock 
  • Armour
  • Scrubbing bubbles 
  • Hydrosol 
  • Arm and hammer
  • Bona 
  • Atkins 
  • Nescafe

How to request samples?

When a member registers to request a sample on, the site collects certain personal information like the user’s name mailing address, and password. When a user registers, he will have the opportunity to provide certain demographic information like gender, marital and employment status, household, income, number of children, pets, and shopping habits.

This information about the demographic is optional. Some of the product manufacturers or sampling opportunities need this information of the users to offer them their deals to the users who fall within certain areas or demographics.