Get Paid to Take Surveys: How Much Can You Really Make?

Taking online surveys at legitimate sites like Swagbucks, MyPoints, and InboxDollars, really do pay. The companies and businesses offering online surveys require consumers and survey takers like you, to give their feedback and to complete questionnaires for the companies. Your honest feedback and opinion help brands and companies create better products and offer improved services in the future.

In return for completing online paid surveys, you can earn various rewards. The best online paid survey sites provides numerous ways to cash out the rewards you earned. Some of the standard options are PayPal, prepaid Visa credit card as well as free gift cards for Amazon, Google Play,  Starbucks, or Walmart. 

For taking surveys to earn money we would say that it can’t be considered as an income stream that you can count on as the money earned from this source can not be consistent enough to be considered as a side hustle.

The online survey is something that you perform while sitting free on the couch in front of the TV or attending a basketball practice session of your kid or simply where you are free. It is not considered as an income source. Now it’s time to answer the question that everyone frequently asks “how much one can make from taking paid online surveys”.

The simple answer is, it depends on the number of surveys you take and complete as well as the time you invest in taking the survey. However, in terms of per hour, you must not expect to make more than $1.5 to $2 per hour. 

It can be ranged from $50 for about 15 minutes to $3 for five hours of working online to complete the survey. You can also get lucky enough to get $100 plus survey opportunities but don’t expect such chances to find frequently. Before diving into paid online surveys, it is important to know how surveys work and how payouts could be done.

Let’s take an example of a website offering online paid surveys i.e. Survey Junkie, to check out how much you can actually make taking online surveys. This website is clutter-free and offers lots of surveys to do and also lets you know how long each survey takes to complete, and they are up-front about the worth of their points i.e. 100 points equal to $1.00.  

Like many other surveys, the basic point is, you take and complete surveys, earn points, and then convert your points to cash or gift cards as per your choice. Survey Junkie, you can earn $150 each month if you can do at least 15 surveys per day. But there are lots of surveys to complete them in a day.

Let’s first see the rewards from Survey Junkie as earning per hour. Let’s consider you are taking 3 twenty minutes long surveys in a day and each of these surveys rewards you 50 points. So in an hour, you would be able to complete 3 surveys worth 150 points. And we know that every 100 points equal $1.00, then the 150 points would become $1.50 for the work of an hour.

Now let’s have a look at earning per month on the same website. Suppose you are taking 5 surveys with 30 points each per hour for three hours. Then these 15 surveys will reward you 450 points, which will become $4.50 for 3 hours of work. Now for a month, you can make $135.00 i.e. $4.50 times 30 days. 

In the end, the $135 looks nice and lucrative, but only if you forget the hours you invest in a month to earn that $135 i.e. a total of 90 hours.  

Tips to learn more about paid online surveys

Before diving into taking an online paid survey, a person needs to know the basic theories of online paid surveys. Here are some tips that will help you boost income by taking paid surveys. To earn more from paid online surveys, take a glance at the tips given below.

1. Don’t sign up for many survey sites, always look for a few legit ones

There are hundreds and thousands of survey sites on the internet offering lots of surveys, but most of them are fake and results in people wasting their energy and time on scan survey sites. Before starting taking a survey at any site, it is better to do research and confirm if the site is legit to avoid energy and time wastage.

2. Don’t spend too less or too much time

When taking online paid surveys, you must not be too slow or too fast because surveys are time-sensitive. There is a proper time for completing each survey. Anything too late or too early might be reflected as invalid.

3. Don’t set high expectations 

Thinking to get rich by taking online paid surveys is unrealistic. Thus becoming over-ambitious may result in wasting all your ambitions. Paid surveys are not a full-time source of income but just compliments to your mainstream of income. 

4. Complete your profile

Ensure that your profile is complete and contains all the related info about you. Also, try to add interesting stories about you as it can increase the chance of being invited for surveys.

5. Regularly update your profile

When there are more new activities on your profile, the chances are high that you will receive more invitations from companies offering online surveys. Try to imitate the changes happening in your life on your profiles such as relocating to a new place, investing in a new pc, buying a new house, or things like that.