Free Samples for Pets: Dog Biscuits and Cat Food Samples

Our pets also deserve some gifts as they also get as excited at receiving gifts as we do. The pets enjoy the treat most when it is edible. That is why many pet owners get Thanksgiving or Christmas presents to their pets. If you are searching for dog and cat food samples that will not cost you a dime, try to get the free stuff by mail.

It is worth looking around to check where you can find free food samples for your pets. You can find many sites offering free items and offers that your dog and cat would love. In this article, you will come to know about various websites with some of the best free dog and cat food samples by mail.

The sites we discussed below offer a wide collection of food products to pet owners. Many sites share links to the free food samples offering from manufacturers or brands. You need to frequently check these websites to find the most recent deals and offers.


Vonnbeau is a website that you would love as a pet owner. It offers a wide collection of free pet samples for their users. Most of the pet offers are food products for dogs and cats. You can search the website and find the best treats for your pets and get them free of cost.


Hunt4Freebies is another site offering you a huge collection of free samples and products from almost all the categories. From the pet offer categories, you can find a lot of stuff to treat your dogs and cats. Most of the offers and Deals are for food products. 

I Love Cats

As the name indicates, I love Cats is dedicated to cat lovers as the site offers a huge collection of food samples and freebies only for cats. At I Love cats, you will not only get the food items but also cat games, recipes, and the email address for your cat.

Scam-Free Samples

Scam-Free Sample is a wonderful site that offers a range of freebies to the users. The best thing with Scam-Free Samples is that it doesn’t require taking surveys to get the freebies for your pets. The offers include are specified for cats and dogs and most of them are food items.


PinchMe is another popular site that enables you to sign up for free dog and cat samples along with a chance to get a $1000 shopping spree. Also, you can sign up for a 12-month worth of free pet food samples. This site mostly offers giveaways and deals for free pet stuff for pet owners on their email list. PINCHme’s free puppy sample is a monthly gift box for your pet. 

To get the deal, you need to sign up on for free. Then fill out and complete your profile showing that you own a dog. Now at this point, you can choose the free samples you want to get for your dog. When you try these samples, you need to review the product.

At PINCHme, you will find a broad range of products related to your pet and you can choose that you are interested in. Moreover, you will also find products in various other categories including beauty, food, personal care, and baby products.  

The Pet Pantry

The free pet products and offers from The Pet Pantry are the best to avail of if you are living in North Carolina. The Pet Pantry offers a broad range of dog and cat food samples. To claim the offer, you just have to fill out the form and wait for your stuff to reach on your door. Moreover, The Pet Pantry also offers more free pet products by mail.

Bring Fido

It is a well-known website among pet owners and people are receiving free stuff from Bring Fido from long ago. With the Bring Fido, you can receive a lot of free stuff and free dog supplies and they giveaway dog food samples to their readers. You just have to sign up for the Bring Fido newsletter to get the free dog and cat stuff. They will deliver Free pet foods and samples to you when they have offers. It is definitely one of the easiest ways to receive free dog and cat food samples by mail.

Powder 4 Paws

Here is another wonderful site offering free food samples for your pets. Powder 4 Paws create and supply special types of dog items, and ensures us that all breeds of dogs will certainly love their Carrot Advantage. Just to prove their words, Powder 4 Paws offers Free samples of their lots of products. It will complement the food your pet already has.


At the time of emergency, you can receive a free pet safety pack from ASPCA. When an emergency event occurs, the pet rescue window of the ASPCA alerts the rescue team that pets are inside the house. The pet safety pack includes a window sticker to ensure the signs of a pet in the home. Also, the pack comes with a magnet containing ASPCA’s contact details, if you ever need any advice. 

Your pet deserves some treats from time to time and they taste better if they are free. Being a pet owner, it is a great way to experience and check which kind of foods or treats your cat or dog would love to eat before spending money on buying a full-sized pack. Sign up for these websites today to get the free pet sample foods or get them without any surveys and it will help keep more cash in your wallet and your pets happy.

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