Want Free Magazines? Request a Free Trial on these Sites

Websites offering free stuff are a great and valuable resource for getting offers for free magazines as well as receiving much other free stuff. If you like magazines and want to get them free of cost, you have come to the right place. You may be excited to know where to get free magazines. You don’t have to worry as we have done work for you.

We have found and discussed many websites that can help you find free magazines as well as many other things. Even you can explore many of these sites in the meantime to check if they are sharing free magazines or have other offers right now.

So, let’s have a look at the list of websites where you can request a free trial.

Free Stuff Times

The first site in our list is Free Stuff Times that shares information regarding freebies and giveaways for magazines, kid stuff, beauty and health products, pet samples, and many more. The website also tells you about any available contests, sweepstakes, and coupons for the items you purchase. Free Stuff Times is one of the famous freebie websites. The website updates their freebie list one or more times each day.

My Free Product Samples

It is the website that does exactly what its title says i.e. provide samples and free products with no strings attached. The kind of free stuff My Free Product Samples site offers ranges from magazine subscription samples, free books, and free music samples, to free “happy” samples. The website also shares other samples including beauty, health, medicine samples, and kids’ stuff. Besides, they also share sweepstakes, store giveaways, and entries as well.

All You

It is another website which is a combination of freebie magazines and giveaway. The tag line of the “All You” site reads Your Guide to the Best Freebies. The website is very easy to use and amazingly designed for a stress-free experience. Moreover, the website also offers a range of other benefits for consumers via their magazine categories including food, health, family, lifestyle, coupons, deals, and smart shopping. The site also has a direct link to online magazines. It comes with recent and up to date articles for its readers. They also have a link where you can get info on where to find the print magazines.

Free Stuff

Just like other websites, Free Stuff provides information about where and how to receive free magazine subscriptions or free magazines. “Free Stuff” shares links to loads of free magazines, and free offers and deals on various items ranging from food samples, free books and eBooks, and health samples, gift cards, and many more. Sweepstakes entry and coupons opportunities are also available on the Free Stuff website.

Just Free Stuff

The website is very neatly and conveniently organized providing access to the available free magazine and lots of other offerings that are clearly listed on the left sidebar. Just Free Stuff offers information about free stuff in dozens of categories as well as provides the opportunity to participate in monthly contests. The website offers a variety of valuable free stuff including household items and more. To get the notification of newly added giveaway items, you can also sign up for the mailing list of the website. 

Go Freebies

If you explore the Go Freebies site, you will come across a list of currently available free offers and deals they share. You can see such deals on the left side of the website interface. In addition to the list of free magazines on the site, you will also find information about freebies for kids, food and recipes, pet stuff, baby items, health and beauty, and much more. You can also win an Amazon gift card if you sign up for their daily newsletter that is also free. 

Mr. Free Stuff

It is the Freebie website that features a separate category specified for only magazines and books. Along with the magazine section, Mr. Free Stuff also has many other categories, which include home and office, groceries, pets and animals, health and beauty, and many others. They also tell about opportunities to enter sweepstakes that various other companies and sites have to offer. Plus you can also find retailers and restaurants on Mr. Free Stuff. Some of them will offer you free goodies on your birthday or any other occasion.

I Love Free Things

It is the website that provides information about the free magazines and much other free stuff on the left dropdown sidebar on their website. You just have to click the menu icon located at the top of the site to reach out to the dropdown bar. “I Love Free Things” also has a search bar to help you search for free magazine subscriptions easily. Using this website you can get lots of free magazines.

I Crave Freebies

It is the website that holds a separate category for free magazines in addition to many other categories of free samples and products. The I Crave Freebies site also shares info on free clothes and accessories, beauty samples, tickets, free CDs and DVDs, free vouchers and gift cards, free movies and music, and much more. The website is very well organized and gives access to loads of free items for home, entertainment, and family.


Balance is an extensive online resource for many freebies. The website lists a handful of the best freebies by mail every day. You need to check the website daily so that you can get the free stuff before the supplies run out. The offers from Balance include free magazines, satellite radio free trials, flower seeds, and many others.